Vera Hoelscher

In 2009, Vera first came to Royal Holloway to study for her Masters in Marketing.  After 3 years of experience in the industry working in Marketing for Microsoft, Vera has now returned to academia to research for her interdisciplinary PhD in Marketing and Human Geography.  
Vera's research focuses on shared spaces of ethical consumption.  Looking at both the physical as well as the digital realm, her aim is to explore the impact sharing space can have on networks of collective ethical consumption.  Part of this is her interest in the qualitative differences of interactions that happen offline versus those engaged in online.  In considering these spaces, Vera researches whether ethical consumer collectives can utilise digital space to scale up on shared physical space, and vice versa.  

Outside of Vera’s research into the use of digital technologies by ethical consumer collectives, she is working on a joint project titled Green IT in a Digital Generation, which discusses the social and environmental impacts of electronics consumption.  Together with Rafael Font, Yasaman Soltan-Zadeh and Dr. Dorothea Kleine, Vera organised the Life of Electronics conference that discussed the issues associated with the lifecycle of electronic products, from their design, mining and manufacturing, to their use and, finally, recycling.
Thesis: Ethical consumption in offline and online space