Evronia Azer

Evronia Azer is a PhD Candidate at the Royal Holloway University of London. Her research focuses on the use of ICTs to organize collective action, during humanitarian crisis, in Egypt.

She has obtained her MSc in Management, Information Systems and Innovation from the London School of Economics in 2014. With a background in software engineering, she has experiences in working with technology for human rights groups and initiatives in Egypt. She has also managed ICT for Development projects, where young people were trained to develop their own ideas and projects for the civil society through Free and Open Source technologies (FOSS).

Beside her main thesis focus, she is also interested in other research themes like FOSS, data governance, surveillance and privacy of information.

Evronia is from Egypt and speaks fluent Arabic and English. She blogs on  and tweets at .

Research interests

  • ICT for Development (ICT4D)
  • ICT in Collective Action
  • Digital Activism and Social Media in Egypt


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