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The Choice Framework is so far the most comprehensive attempt to operationalize the Capabilities Approach for ICT4D. The Framework emerged from Kleine's fieldwork in rural Chile, a middle income country with large inequalities. It builds on Alsop & Heinsohn‟s Empowerment Framework (2005), developed for the World Bank, and the Sustainable Livelihood Framework (SLF) used by the UK Department for International Development (DFID, 1999). It aims to connect the concepts and language in use by policy makers to the focus on capabilities and wellbeing introduced by Sen.

The Choice Framework (CF) has been cited over 100 times and is used in several countries (in the global North and South) by academics, practitioners and policy makers. It is a “living tool” and the user community will be applying and improving it in different ways. As a service to this user community, we have on this web page started to collect selected key resources (papers, articles, slide shares etc) authored by scholars, practitioners and policy makers who are using the Choice Framework in different contexts. By providing links we hope to showcase their work and facilitate knowledge sharing across a variety of disciplinary and domain perspectives. We hope it will be a useful resource.

If you are using the CF and have produced relevant resources which you would like to be included, please send your resources to and we will be delighted to include it.