About the ict4d collective and centre

The ICT4D Collective was initiated in 2004 and is a group of people committed to undertaking the highest possible quality of research in the field of ICT4D, and making the results of this available freely to the global community. We do this primarily in the interests of poor people and marginalised communities, wherever they may be found. Membership of the Collective implies adherence to its basic principles of membership and partnership.

In 2007, the Collective was awarded the Status of a in ICT4D. As well as research, the Collective undertakes teaching at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, and contributes to the delivery of focused short courses on all aspects of ICT4D. Members of the Collective also provide consultancy services in the field of ICT4D.

Based at , the Collective draws on the expertise of staff, postgraduates and undergraduates in the academic Departments and Schools of , , , Mathematics () and the Information Services Department. We welcome collaborative work with colleagues across the world who share our core objectives, and wish to establish partnerships with us to deliver practical ICT4D activities that will empower poor people.

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