Green IT in a Digital Generation

You have studied so hard during the autumn term it is time to chill out and watch documentaries about your lovely, inseparable electronic gadgets, as well as all the information systems services that you have used or going to use. Join us - refreshments will be provided sp you can relax, enjoy the documentaries and think about the future.

We'll run two sessions under the same programme, at 1:30pm and at 4:00pm


  1. Flashback - Don't throw out your electronic waste!
  2. E waste in China, India & Nigeria
  3. E-waste - Afterlife.
  4. Christmas Light Recycling Plant in China
  6. Bangalore, e-waste capital
  7. E-waste: A growing environmental and health disaster in Ghana
  8. E-waste: How big of a problem is electronic waste
  9. The Story of Electronics
  10. At the other side of technology (extract)
  11. What Is Green IT?