ICT4D Conferences 2017

So it is that time of the year again - already.
I'm starting to put together a calendar of ICT4D conferences for 2017. 
A dozen or so are already on my radar but we can expect the final list to be twice this length.
I have no information yet about the dates for eLearning Africa 2017 or for M4D 2017 and
the Community Informatics, African HCI and Africomm conferences for 2017 won't be announced for a few weeks yet. As usual May is shaping up as the busiest month of the year for ICT4D conferences. 
Let me know what conference dates I am missing and I'll produce an updated version as and when possible.
Apr 19-21     Quito, Ecuador.
Apr 25-26    , Florence, Italy
May 8-10     , Douala, Cameroon
May 15-18    Hyderabad, India
May 17-19   , Krems, Austria
May 21-24   , Albi, France
May 22-24   , Java, Indonesia
Jun 12-16     Geneva, Switzerland
Jun 16-19     Montreal, Canada
Jun 26-30    , Troyes, France
July 3-6       Dublin, Ireland
Drop me a comment about corrections or additions - or tweet me
So far, I like the look of TicTec and IFIP. 
Which ones will you be attending?