My wishes for 2015

Dear you,cou-cou!2014 just passed awayso I wish you happy new year’s dayand further on, day after day.I wish you to love yourself and daily to move your ass,yet out of will, not stress!I wish you to jump out of bed,boldly and in a burst of joy, and do it often:please please pleasedon’t ever let your enthusiasm soften!So go ahead and trust your gutseven when they tell “You’re nuts!”.And I wish you also the courage to raise and standregardless what is waiting at the other end.I wish you to honour your body, and care,because after allwe all live there!So dance, run, play and celebrate:there’s no need to wait for a special date!I wish you'll let Life nourish your heart,whether together or apart,and to make friends with pain whose language, yes, is somewhat arcaneyet don’t forget: ache is the wisest master of allthe best time to find God in us is precisely while we fall.And finally, I wish you heartily to always see those invisible, delicate threads that connect us all, the sea, the treeand spring and fallthe Sun, the sonsand Nature’s call...let Gratitude be a spree and Beauty us enthral.