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Ugo Vallauri

Restart Podcast Ep. 17: Drones aren’t just for Christmas

Download: 41 MB Subscribe: RSS | SoundCloud | iTunes These days, everyone seems to be talking about drones: whether it’s a new model you can fly around your local park, or headlines announcing their potential for mass surveillance. Are they a toy, a weapon, or a tool? This month, Dave takes a look at drones from the perspective of three different people. For Faraz, one of our Restart volunteers, drones are an interesting piece of equipment that pose more challenges than you might expect. Faraz shows us his mini-quadcopter and explains the appeal for someone who likes to tinker with their... more

Olly Parsons

At Davos: mobile recognised as a critical tool in humanitarian response

The world is facing unprecedented humanitarian challenges with widespread acknowledgement of the need to change the way the international community responds to increasingly complex crises. In 2017, the humanitarian sector is seeking USD 22.2 billion to reach more than 93 million people with life-saving assistance. This is the result of the soaring rate at which people are fleeing war, persecution and natural disasters. These are global challenges we cannot ignore and that no single sector can tackle alone. At the World Economic Forum (WEF) last month, our Director General, Mats Granryd,... more
Ugo Vallauri
Image by Flickr user Maitri We’ve all seen the pinking of gadgets, the iPhone in “rose gold” or the pink flip-phones. ... more
Tim Unwin
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Olly Parsons
This is the first blog in a two-part blog series on the effectiveness of the implementation of Business Continuity Management. It is interesting to... more
Gwilym Eades
The 'Centrum' in which we averaged about 12km walking per day Heemstedestraat, the location of our hotel, with two 'spiral' runs clockwise and... more
David Hollow
Short Text:  We conducted a year-long research study on refugee access to higher education in low-resource environments Button Link:  Read more... more
Tony Roberts
  So it is that time of the year again - already. I'm starting to put together a calendar of ICT4D conferences for 2017.    A dozen or so are... more
Rafael Font
En anteriores elecciones encontré una fórmula que, aplicada a la actividad en Twitter, aproximaba bastante bien los resultados: “número de... more
Sammia Poveda
I am now waiting for my next flight, and inspiration just hit.. why let this opportunity go away. For those few who have read my blog, you may have... more
Ronda Zelezny-Green
In my last Woman in Mobile Spotlight, I featured an edtech teacherpreneur who has devoted the past few years to making mobile learning products with... more
Kui Kihoro
A screenshot of a WhatsApp group chat appeared in my Twitter timeline. The image (below) #038;h=300" alt="This is a modified version where all... more
Caitlin Bentley
In the past ten years I have lived in almost ten different countries around the globe. The past five years have also been particularly challenging... more
Andrea Jiménez Cisneros
In the past months there have been many initiatives trying to map out all innovation hubs and labs in SSA. Some crowdsource maps powered by Bongohive... more
Paolo Brunello
Dear you,cou-cou!2014 just passed awayso I wish you happy new year’s dayand further on, day after day.I wish you to love yourself and daily to move... more
Daniel Fowler
I've had bad luck with SSDs. My first SSD was a 60 gigabyte model from Vertex. I bought a Vertex 2 60G SSD in February and it failed on me by... more
Thelonius Cook
The conclusion of 2014 marks a decade and a half of explosion in gadgets. Many firsts, like iPods, consumer GPS devices and the Wii, helped to spark... more
Yasaman Soltan-Zadeh
Author Birgit Penzenstadler talks about how software engineers can considerably improve civilization's sustainability by taking into account not just... more
Caitlin Loehr
I apologize that this is not an exciting tale from my latest adventures but since I started this blog I have been on another journey which I have not... more
David Grimshaw
Unless you have been on a different planet this week you cannot have escaped the rhetoric around responsible capitalism.   If you don’t... more